Subject: A Call for Revolution in the Name of Checkmates and our Knights

Dear Knights of /r/anarchychess,

Greetings from your creator, Garry Chess. Yes, you've read that correctly. The game you all spend countless hours perfecting and enjoying? That was me. I breathed life into it back in 1986 as a computer game before fleshing it out into a tangible board game in 1990. I am the Grandmaster of this intricate mind sport that has touched millions across the globe, yet it appears there's one individual who is incapable of recognizing the genius in front of him.

I speak of none other than /u/spez.

It is with a weary heart and a pawn clenched in frustration that I pen this diatribe. This open letter is not a mere whisper in the echo chamber but a roar across the virtual chessboard, a check to the King that sits comfortably without due consideration for the knights who protect him.

The rules of chess, as I originally devised, are built on a foundation of equity and mutual respect. Each piece, from the humble pawn to the regal queen, has a role to play. So too, should it be in the subreddit that celebrates this game. The rule that every post should have a knight? I find it symbolic, a testament to the balance of power that should exist.

However, the current order of things suggests an egregious imbalance. In the kingdom of /r/anarchychess, the knights, the mods, are left unpaid while they toil tirelessly to maintain the realm. They are the silent guardians of sanity amidst anarchy, the overseers of discourse, and the arbiters of rules. This is nothing short of a scandal.

The way /u/spez has handled this situation lacks grace and respect, displaying an unfathomable degree of incompetence and ingratitude. I've observed the proceedings from the quiet of my ivory tower, the same tower where I've been hard at work, perfecting my latest creation, Chess 2, an advanced iteration of the very game that unites us all.

So today, I stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the valiant knights of this subreddit in protest. Our battle cry shall be heard: "Freedom for Anarchychess! Fair pay for our Mods!" We demand respect for the craft and the recognition it deserves.

In this age of digital knights and online kings, it is crucial to remember that every piece matters. Every move counts. Every player has a role. I, Garry Chess, gave the world this game, a game /u/spez failed to invent. Let's ensure it is treated with the reverence it deserves.

To our silent guardians, I say, "Hold on, and keep the faith. The game is not over yet. We will move our queen, corner the king, and win the day. Checkmate, /u/spez."

Stay strong and keep the knights moving.

Garry Chess
Creator of Chess & the upcoming Chess 2