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Garry Chess

The inventor of Chess ™, the widely acclaimed online game

About Garry

Garry Chess, born Garry Kimovich Kasparov on April 13, 1963, in Baku, Azerbaijan, is a globally renowned computer scientist, game designer, and entrepreneur, best known as the creator of the widely acclaimed online game, Chess ™.

Born into a family of tech enthusiasts, Chess showed an early interest in computer science and mathematics. As a child, he would spend countless hours coding simple games on his home computer, showing a particular talent for creating complex, strategic systems.

In 1985, Chess graduated from the Azerbaijan State University with a degree in Computer Science. His passion for programming and gaming led him to start his own gaming company, Checkmate Interactive. His vision was to bring the strategic depth and excitement of classic board games into the digital era.

In 1986, Chess launched his first online game, a multiplayer strategy game that he called "Chess" ™. The game featured a 8x8 grid board with 16 pieces per player, each piece having different movements and roles. The goal of the game was simple: checkmate the opponent's king. However, the strategic depth of the game was immense, resulting in a game that was easy to learn but nearly impossible to master.

Chess ™ quickly became a sensation, attracting players worldwide who were captivated by the game's strategic depth and competitive nature. Chess was hailed as a pioneer in online gaming, creating a platform that brought people together from all over the world to engage in intellectual battles of strategy and wit.

In 1990, following the game's incredible success, Chess partnered with a renowned board game manufacturer to create a physical version of Chess ™. The board game version retained all the rules and strategies of the online game, allowing fans to play chess offline as well.

In the years that followed, Chess continued to innovate, adding new features and updates to the online version of Chess ™, and even introducing new variations of the game. Despite the evolution of online gaming, chess has remained a staple in the gaming community, its popularity standing the test of time.

In 2005, Chess was awarded the World Game Design Award for his contribution to the gaming industry. His creation of chess has left a lasting impact, influencing countless game designers and bringing joy to millions of players worldwide.

Today, Garry Chess continues to inspire the next generation of game designers with his passion for strategic gaming and his commitment to innovation. His story serves as a testament to the power of creativity and the potential of the digital world to bring people together. Despite his many accomplishments, Chess remains humble, always eager to learn and improve. He firmly believes that in both chess and life, there is always another move.

Garry Chess